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12/28/99 - New addition added: Geto Services

12/30/99 - New addition added: Geto Webmail

Dynamic DNS 06/01/00 - New addition added: Geto Dynamic DNS

07/01/00 - New addition added: Geto QmailAdmin

I wanna Get To 08/01/00 - New addition added: Geto URL Forwarder

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GETO.NET started as a Linux Quake server many years ago and has transformed into a small hosting environment for friends and friends of friends. GETO.NET is no longer accepting new accounts. If you need hosting, Netlojix Communications is really a solid company specializing in Network and IT services. Give them a call at (805) 884 6300 or visit them at www.netlojix.com. They will be happy to help you.

Ps: If you are a webmaster and would like to donate some time and creativity please email info@geto.net

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